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WorkAid Appeal

Two years ago the members of the Methodist Church at Welford on Avon decided to take a practical step in support of the work being done by Brian Atkins in Tanzania. Brian had been a local resident and a member of the church for many years and he was committed to work with the Anglican Diocese of Central Tanganyika on a number of projects particularly in training and equipping young people in practical skills. The young people needed tools to support them in earning a living and using their skills in carpentry, metalwork, tailoring and sewing. It was decided to appeal to local people to donate unwanted tools which could be sent to WorkAid (a registered charity based in Chesham) and then sent on to Tanzania. This was very successful and a container of tools, including items from Welford, was despatched and has now been put to good use. In the meantime Brian has become a Trustee/Director of WorkAid so we have confidence of each stage of the process.

Now we have decided to do it again. On March 28th 2015 there will be a coffee morning from 10.30am until 12noon at the Methodist Church, Chapel Lane, Welford on Avon, CV37 8PX.

Tools brought on that occasion will be removed from the site for safe storage until WorkAid can arrange for collection. The tools are then transported to Chesham for cleaning and renovation as needed before going to Tanzania. Sewing machines and knitting machines are particularly welcomed as well as routine hand tools for use in metalwork, electric and carpentry.