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Workaid Event : 19th May

Event Details

You are welcome to come and have coffee at Welford on Avon Methodist Church on Saturday morning 19th May. You will be even more welcome if you bring along some tools for the collection we are making in support of WorkAid. They are able to restore tools which can then be sent out to African countries and distributed particularly to young people who are learning a trade. All sorts of tools are welcome and there is always a need for sewing machines. The WorkAid website gives details of special requests from time to time but the full range of spanners,  screwdrivers and hand tools are always welcome.

WorkAid was founded over 30 years ago and has now reached a level where 8 containers of tools are sent to East Africa each year. This provides some 80 tonnes of equipment for 180 projects. The organisation relies on volunteers and donations and in 2015 WorkAid gained the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

On this occasion the church will be working in partnership with Stratford Soroptomists who will be holding a further collection in Wellesbourne. The items can then be brought together to be collected by WorkAid so that they can start their journey and be brought back into use. Do please look in the garage, the shed and the tool box to see if some items are no longer being used. There are people who need them.

The church will be open from 10am until mid-day and coffee will be served. Do come along.